We harness the rich biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom to develop best-in-class molecular biology reagents, enzymes and kits
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Our products are of superior quality, affordable and customizable to suit our clients' needs
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Our Technical Field Scientists provide extensive after-sales support by providing user-specific protocol development and optimization
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Welcome to CapeBio

CapeBio Technologies (Pty) Ltd (CapeBio) is a dynamic applied genomics company that sources, develops and manufactures “best-in-class” molecular biology reagents, enzymes, and kits sourced from indigenous African microbial hotspots.

Our mission is simply to “deliver excellence in innovation so that others can have quality of life”.

We aim to shape the African continent for the future by using our innovative bio-discovery research to unlock the power of ancient genomic data.

Our story

CapeBio’s enzymes are sourced from the microbial communities in the Cape Fynbos biome, otherwise known as the Cape Floral Kingdom, which is the world’s most recognized biodiversity hotspot and boasts the world’s highest plant biodiversity per unit area. We harness the rich diversity of this unique African biosphere to develop products of superior quality.

CapeBio was formally launched as a private company in 2018, after successfully executing a research and development (R&D) project funded by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI). Through the support of these partners, CapeBio established both the R&D and end-user beta-testing campaign between 2015 and 2018. Our flagship products were given for testing to more than 500 researchers across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya and Nigeria, and received nearly 100% customer feedback and satisfaction rate.

Through our extensive distributor network across Africa and North America, we are able to share these revolutionary products with our valued clients.

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