We harness the rich biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom to develop best-in-class molecular biology reagents, enzymes and kits
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Our products are of superior quality, affordable and customizable to suit our clients' needs
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Our Technical Field Scientists provide extensive after-sales support by providing user-specific protocol development and optimization
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Welcome to CapeBio™

CapeBio™ Technologies Pty (Ltd) (CapeBio™) with registration number: 2018/505984/07 is a South African biotechnology company that specializes in biomanufacturing of molecular biology enzyme technologies. These products are sourced from rich South African indigenous biodiversity hotspots.

Our enzymes are key drivers for molecular diagnostics development. CapeBio™ is fast becoming a local pioneer for large scale biomanufacturing of enzymes such as polymerases, ligases, and reverse transcriptases.

These are important technologies for routine PCR applications, molecular diagnostic applications, recombinant DNA construction (cloning) and cDNA synthesis.


Our mission is simply to “deliver excellence in innovation to improve quality of life”.

We leverage our innovative bio-discovery research approach to unlock the commercial value of unique African microbial diversity.

Our history

2015: CapeBio™ Initiative is conceptualized and initiated at Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) – with the support from Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and the CSIR

2016: The first flagship product (CapeExpress™ DNA ligase) is launched for market testing. The product is distributed to researchers across South Africa for evaluation and feedback.

2016: CapeBio™ is trademarked in different territories.

2017: The second flagship product (CapeSprint™ Taq DNA polymerase) enters a market testing phase. It is distributed to the researchers across South Africa, Southern, Western and Eastern Africa.

2018: The third product (CapeHi-Fidelity™ Pfu DNA polymerase) enters the market testing phase and distributed to researchers for evaluations and feedback.

2018: CapeBio™ Technologies (Pty) Ltd is officially registered as a private entity.

2019: The company raises funding with E2 Investments and officially launches the products in the market.

2019: CapeBio™ signed research and development partnerships with 2 US-based companies, distribution agreement with a local and US-based distributor.

2019: CapeBio™ wins 3rd Prize Award at the Africa Start-up Gate Summit in Tunisia.

2019: CapeBio™ wins 1st Prize Award in partnership with ARC at the South African Innovation Bridge sponsored by Department of Science and Innovation, Technology Innovation Agency, SEDA and KISCH IP.

2020: CapeBio™ develops COVID-19 RT-qPCR test kit and associated reagents.

2021: CapeBio™ enters into a distribution agreement with India-based distributor to sell our PCR products in India.

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